Kitchen Tour!

Kitchen Tour!

I had this funny realization over the weekend that if I was going to be showing you guys the inside of my refrigerator this week, I probably should show you the rest of the kitchen first! Our first two homes had small galley kitchens, so it was AMAZING to plan our open kitchen and finally have an island!

There are a few things that I need to update in the kitchen, but it’s a low priority compared to the other rooms. When we built, the majority of our upgrade money went to the kitchen, so most of it is exactly what I wanted. At least within reason. Glorious thick white marble would have been awesome, but I’m confident we would have somehow stained it within the first week!
To orient you a little, check out the wide shot below. Starting with the left, the large arch is the dining room.The next arch is a small entry area from the garage & to the laundry room. Maddie must have thought we were going for a walk, because she is down by the front door. Her tail is pointing at the office, and I’m taking this picture from the living room.

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