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While most children are in love with the sports and cartoon character themed bedrooms, the novelty can quickly wear off once the teenage years start to set  
 diy stuff little girl bedrooms | mature magenta is better than baby pink for teen girls.

 A mature magenta is better than baby pink for teen girls.
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Let color help their room grow up:
While pink and blue are traditional colors for girl and boy’s room, different shades of these colors can help your teenager’s room look more mature, and no longer childish. For boy’s room, instead of just baby blue, pair up the color with more modern royal and navy blue, grass and hunter greens, and natural browns to create a rustic or more mature and masculine room. For girls teenage room – a pastel pink could be paired with fuchsia, hot pink, black, or chocolate brown to create a modern twist on your daughter’s room. Gender neutral colors such as purple, orange, or green are wonderful options if your teenager can’t decide on a color. Also choose mature patterns for bedding and window treatments.


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