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 Shades of Gray:kitchens That make a statement

The quality of light in your space will affect the color, and placement will influence the overall aesthetic. This collection of interiors showcases a few succssful options for those thinking of going gray in the kitchen. Take inspiration from those that work and then decide which shade makes sense for your space — warmer or cooler tones? More or less saturated grays? Decisions, decision...
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(Images: 1. Gentl & Hyers via desire to inspire 2. Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas | Lindsay Tella 3. Martha Stewart 4. Houzz 5. Annaleenas Hem 6. Amanda & Lincoln's Eclectic Modern Home | Kathryn Wiens 7. House to Home via Kitchen Building 8. House and Home 9. Petra Bindel via Design is Mine 10. Willow Decor)

 From deep charcoal to dusty white, gray is a versatile option for color in the kitchen. It's a refreshing take on neutral that's slightly off the beaten path for kitchen colors and can be taken to a level of dramatic sexiness, if you so desire…

 Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray Kitchen

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