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“Sit and feast on your life.” Part 1

Love the beach?  Well I’ve got just the thing for you!
This pillow just hangs out in the kitchen… It says, “Sit and feast on your life.”  Isn’t that a peaceful idea?  The homeowner told me that’s what she kept saying when she was creating this home.  She wanted it to be a haven where she could sit with her family and enjoy their life together.  I think she achieved that.  Don’t you?

There are too many wonderful pictures of this home for me to put them all into one post.  Please check back tomorrow to see… among other things…the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet that would give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.
Until then I want to ask you, where do you “sit and feast on your life?”  Is it an actual place for you, or simply a place in your mind?


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