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Veronika's Blushing: Rustic & contemporary dining/living room combination.
I haven't done a home decor post in awhile---mainly because I can never get it clean enough to be photographed!

Our living room has become a collection of normal living room things and baby toys/containment devices (lol!) everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. I'm eating my words and laughing at my assertion, before I had a baby, that I "would absolutely NOT have baby stuff everywhere." Yeah, right! The way her face lights up when she plays with her toys, on her activity mat, etc is worth the mess of colors that now surround our main living space (though you can't see them in these photos as they are all in an area in front of the couch and coffee table where there's lots of free floorspace).

We've had our West Elm Tillary sofa for a few years now and I still get emails (sometimes weekly) about what we think about it.  So here is my updated review: don't buy this sofa!  West Elm has beautiful sofas and this style appealed to us at first, but over the years we've experienced its impracticality.  


  • The backs come off, and although they are weighted, if they're not up against a wall or furniture they fall if someone's been leaning back on them. It's not fun to have to warn guests that they might make your couch fall apart.
  • The areas where you sit most do get worn and the fabric becomes looser and because it's so tightly fitted at first, you can see a ton of looser fabric and "wrinkles" where you sit a lot
  • Overall, I wish we would have gone with a more traditional, less modular style
On the plus side:
  • It's comfortable (when you sit on the parts that are against a wall)
  • It's so wide someone could sleep on it 
  • You can configure it many different ways though we never have because we like the "L" shape
So overall, we do regret the purchase but it's been a comfortable couch and we are going to keep it for a few more years and not worry about it since it now has spit-up and drool all over it anyway (wheee!)

I think because of the layout of our home, it might have been nice to have two couches and some chairs or something to make the space feel more separated from the rest of the house. The current sofa placement does make the space feel very open but it doesn't really have a cozy feel. However, our home is very open-concept so I'm not sure how achievable that is anyway. Maybe we can try for a more cozy feel in our next home! I do really love this house but having a baby I totally get why people want even more room---baby stuff is big!
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