Living Room with Dark Trim Windows.Home decor and designs with style

Living Room with Dark Trim Windows
Warning! You’re about to enter a construction zone! My home is continuously a work in progress. Any time that I insist a room is “done”, trust me, I’ll be tearing it apart a year from now when I’m bored of how it looks. Some rooms are coming along or are at least now at a … 
This room was the ONLY room in the house not to have wallpaper when we moved in. It still hasn’t been painted and we’ve only partially painted over the trim the borders the ceiling.  We haven’t even painted the baseboard trim white yet!  We did however stain the trim work around the windows a rich java color. The fireplace got a little update and the front door was painted. We added a fun rug and some nice furniture.  The wall with the T.V remains the most unfinished part of the room. I absolutely hate it and I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. Built ins one day maybe?
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