18 easy outdoor room ideas.Home decor and designs with style

Longing for an outdoor retreat but not sure where to start? Here are 18 simple ways to create a stylish, inviting outdoor room. 
 From makeovers to simple decor touches, there are countless ways to remake your outdoor spaces into outdoor rooms that enhance your enjoyment of your yard. Start with a tour of a garden that includes a fire pit and arbor; you'll see how one family used simple design ideas and lots of welcoming extras to make better use of their outdoor spaces. Fireplaces and fire pits are ideal amenities in outdoor rooms; you'll find 16 fantastic versions here, as well as instructions on how to build your own fire pit. Structures including gazebos and pergolas separate outdoor spaces from one another, creating outdoor rooms that can serve multiple purposes; use our gallery of gazebo images to draw inspiration for your own backyard. Sometimes all your landscape needs is a little color; use these bold ideas to add splashes and dashes of bright hues that lend outdoor rooms cheery good looks. Not quite sure what to do to update your landscape? We have lots of ideas -- 101 to be exact -- covering everything from easy-care materials to cooking appliances to weatherproof fixtures. If you're unsure what you can do on a limited budget, you'll find encouragement from a tour of four fantastic outdoor rooms that made do with less.

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